Tuesday, February 23, 2010

dreaming of dresses

On Sunday, Paul helped me tidy and re-organize my studio and along the way I found a few things I'd long forgotten about. Things like my inspiration scrapbook which I started a few years ago after being inspired by Tania's scans of her scrapbook. It's funny, I've always clipped little things I loved from magazines but for some reason never affixed them to any surface for future reference. I'm so happy I finally got the idea to take this (seemingly obvious) step because it sure was fun to look back and see all of the lovely eye-candy I saved.

I scanned one page but because it's a large book, I had to do it in two separate scans. I tried to match them up the best I could so if some of the images look a little off, that's why.

I love all of these dresses. The lacy white ones near the top, that bold architectural yellow one at the side, and that gorgeous robin's egg blue at the bottom right. They reminded me of some great dresses I've been seeing around the web lately and have fallen deeply in love with.

First, the Devonshire Dress from Modcloth.

This second one is Alexa Chung for Madewell (via Wikstenmade)

And this last one almost breaks my heart, that's how much I love it. From Shipley & Halmos (via Wikstenmade)

I really need to stop reading so many fashion blogs and start subscribing to blogs about...I don't know...power tools or something.


Joann said...

Inspiration scrapbooks are great! I used to have one years ago but I have no idea where it is. Maybe I'll start another one, with all kinds of goodies like shoes, jewellery, dresses, purses. The other day I spent over an hour looking at, and bookmarking shoes from this site: http://canada.zappos.com/

tania said...

ooh dresses! love the scrapbook!
and now i am craving croissants too!!! mmmmmmm

Alishia K said...

I love love the pink dress! it reminds me of a warm summer afternoon ice cream date!

online bingo reviews said...

The second one is so nice. I'd wear that any day. I'd even wear it on weddings or special occasions. So classy and reserved.