Friday, June 11, 2010


Wow, have I really not posted since March? How did that happen? Is anyone still out there? Hellooooooo???

So here is an update of random things that are on my mind/exciting me these days....

#1. I'm doing a 2-week Creativity Bootcamp course to kickstart my creative side which has been a bit sluggish since the winter. It started on June 6th and runs until the 18th and I'm having so much fun doing the assignments each day. Well, except I skip the journalling part of the daily assignment because I'm not really the journalling type. The course is completely free so if you think you might want to play along, here's the link.

PS. I'm doing mixed media collages each day but you can choose whatever medium you wish. Maybe I'll be brave and share something I've made during the course but so far I'm too shy...just enjoying the process and the structure that forces me to do something crafty everyday.

#2. My new favourite blog is Daily Squee, which I swear is even better than Cute Overload! My cousin is going to love this website!

(both pictures from Daily Squee)

#3. I finally bought a pair of black Saltwater Sandals for the summer. Like most shoes that I obsess over, I've been visiting them online for oh...about 3 years. I don't know why it took me so long to finally buy a pair...they weren't even all that expensive. I'm so glad I did...I've been living in them since I got them back in May. They are sooooo comfortable and I get compliments on them all the time.

My new shoe obsessions are as follows:
Clarks--Vanilla Cream


#4. Paul's band (Soft Copy) got into the North by Northeast music festival! And not only that, they somehow managed to get on an amazing bill with Best Coast from L.A. and The Soft Pack (also from LA, I think)! I soooo hope I'm able to get in to see them. I have a feeling this show is going to fill up early!

The Soft Pack (Holy crap...Paul's playing a show with a band that was on Letterman!!!!)

Best Coast (catchiest song ever!)

#5. How friggin' awesome is this sewing machine?

(photo via Button Lust)

That's it for now. I'll try not to stay away so long this time.

xo Krissy


Anonymous said...

well hello there - i haven't posted since february, so i guess i win haha!
but, no news is good news, although it's good to see you back :) and nice shoes, i love the red ones!

Carla said...

I don't post often either! I get ideas and then the time passes before I actually post!

I love the animals!!! especially the musical rat! Nice shoes too, so sensible!

That's so great that Paul's playing with Best Coast, I meant to go to their show when I was in Stockholm, M will be jealous that we're going and he can't!

Emy said...

Cute sewing machine!

deposit match said...

The sandals look over comfortable. Something I would like to walk around with. And my aunt would love to have that sewing machine. she loves collages and those types of colors.