Friday, August 20, 2010

current obsessions

There's only a couple of things I'm currently obsessed with but I'm crushing on them hard.

#1: The most beautiful handmade bags by Dazzling Lanna

Seriously, I want every single thing in her Etsy shop.

#2: The farmers' market
at the farmers' market
There is nothing like fresh, local fruits and veggies from one of the 3 awesome farmers' markets in our neighbourhood. I've started giving myself an "allowance" before I go, otherwise I'll end up spending way too much and buying one of everything. Current favourites: peaches, raspberries, and zucchini.

#3: Versus
Last Friday, Paul's band Soft Copy opened for Versus and Polvo at Lee's Palace. Late Fri afternoon Paul got a call from Richard Baluyut of Versus asking if he'd fill in on drums for them that night because their drummer had to go back to New York to be with his wife who was having a baby. Despite the short notice and no practice, he agreed to do it. I should mention that Versus is one of Paul's all-time favourite bands so this was quite a thrill. Anyhow, I was blown away by how well he did! I've been listening to the Versus album "The Stars are Insane" ever since.

Searching around for Versus videos on YouTube led me to find that someone actually recorded the show at Lee's! So here's Paul playing one of my favourite Versus songs "River". I remember thinking how he absolutely killed this song when I was watching it live and now watching it back again, I am even more impressed! Best part....around 3 min 43 when the drums really kick in again and all the rolls and cymbals are out-of-control! And if you look closely, right at the end of the song it looks like Fontaine (bass player) nods to Paul as if to say, "nicely done!". Hee! I'm so proud! Exclaim magazine and Chromewaves blog both said he did an amazing job filling in. He even got to go to Montreal the next day to play with them for that show too!