Thursday, October 06, 2005

good things

things that are making me happy this week...

1. finding out that my beloved cbc has finally settled and will be back on the air on tuesday! andy barrie, i missed you so!

2. doing little bits of shopping in anticipation of the cooler temps that are bound to push out the heat & humidity at some point. on tuesday i stopped at winners and stocked up on some cute (and CHEAP!) tights and kneehighs. today on queen west, just a couple of t-shirts (one emerald, one orange) that were on sale & i can't wait to layer.

3. spending hours hanging out & sipping lemony san pelagrino with tania on tuesday. it was so so so much fun to just chat and knit away the warm afternoon in a local coffeeshop. thanks so much, tania! : )

4. taking noah for longer than average walks in the dogpark and seeing some extra cute dogs, like a 13-week old golden retriever puppy frolicking with a teeny tiny terrier.

5. going to see my boy jump back into the indierawk world tonight. he and his friend andrew will be debuting their band (kilometre) at the art college downtown. it's been years since paul's played live!

6. counting down the sleeps until we head to orillia for thanksgiving, my favourite holiday of the year. all the good eating with no presents to buy. can't beat that!

7. receiving this adorable gift from one of my sweetest students this morning. he even put it in a little envelope and addressed it to me. (it's a dinosaur holding a flower!)

hope you're all having a good week, too!

ps. i started worrying some might think it was a bit self-indulgent to post my outfits every day. but i'm still trying to add them to the wardrobe-remix group on flickr. by all means, go check it out if you're at all curious! : )


Mom said...

Only 2 more sleeps sweetie. We can't wait.

Karin said...

Oh that little drawing is too cute! Thanksgiving so soon...makes me wish I were in Canada! Although it's quite nice having the holiday Trifecta of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.

tania said...

so much goodness! love the socks and the gift from the boy- cute!
and me too me too, such a great time on tues ;)
have a great family weekend!

vania said...

i'm also so happy to hear CBC will be back on Tuesday! Yea for good radio and morning programming. Thanks for adding me as a link.

Aimee "Roo" said...

I like seeing your outfits! I don't think it's self indulgent at all, it's pure fun if you ask me. :)

Glad that you are having such a great week.

beth said...

ohh, i need some tights. im so jealous

Karina said...

I love turkey dinner too! It must be one of my favorite meals. Sometimes I order in cute raodside diners when I see it on the menu. But leftovers are even sandwiches, hot turkey sandwiches...hmmmm....

karina said...

ok, I don't know how that happened, but I accidently linked someone else's web page instead of my blog to the previous comment. That's ok, his web page is cool too. I was foiled by your new top serity system, I suppose. But that is good, then you'll get less junk comments.

jenny vorwaller said...

how lovely that you visited with tania! and those new tights look super cozy, bring on the cooler weather! :)