Saturday, October 15, 2005

vintage beads

when i was up at my mom's last weekend, she gave me a small old chocolate box filled with vintage beads. apparently she got them free at a yard sale awhile back. even the old box is cool...smiles & chuckles chocolates from god-knows-when!

the red/pink/purple beads are plastic, the turquoise ones in the centre are also plastic and the white ones are beautiful faceted glass.

i've also started knitting a neckwarmer that i saw on craftster awhile back. i haven't gotten much done and don't expect to finish anytime soon because i don't have a lot of time to knit these days. still, it's good to have a project on the go to work away on slowly. the original on craftster is over here.
the start of the neckwarmer

also: here's my most recent addition to wardrobe-remix over at flickr in case anyone is interested.

have a good weekend!


Karin said...

oohh I really like that outfit. Very classic yet unusual.

And Smiles-n-Chuckles? Does that still exist in Canada? Because that is such an awesome name!! Those beads were a good find.

elizabeth said...

those beads (and the box) are simply gorgeous!!

Beth said...

those beads are fantastic - and the fact that they were in that little chocolate box! to die for!