Thursday, January 05, 2006

my kindred spirit

awhile back when i posted photos of all that jewellery i was making for the big craft show in december, a girl on flickr saw my pictures. this one in particular caught her attention:

she made a comment saying that she also made mixed tape art and suggested we do a trade sometime. i was so excited...all of tara's drawings were amazing. i sent her a list of about 6 that i fell in love with and told her to surprise me. i was thrilled when i found this in my mail right before christmas:


not only did she send me one of her incredible drawings but she also made a wicked mixed tape for me too! and as if that wasn't perfect enough, i also got a 1" button with one of her other drawings on it (coincidentally, it is one of the 6 i loved). i sent her a turquoise mixed tape necklace and some matching hairpins but unfortunately i forgot to take a picture.

in this world of ipods and mp3s, tara and i are keeping the memory of the mixed tape alive. hee!


Karin said...

Welcome back! That is so cool you got a mix tape :). I haven't made one of those in years. The pic of the snow in your last post is just gorgeous too BTW.

the knitrider said...

taras stuff is great!! that is awesome that you have a kindred mix tape spirit somewhere in this world. i got a t shirt recently that has the innards of a mix tape, ill take a picture one day and send it to you. glad to see you blogging again!

Karina said...

Happy New Year Krissy!

jenny vorwaller said...

yay for mixed tapes! :D

Aimee "Roo" said...

super cute! mixed tapes will live forever thanks to you two. :)

tania said...

yay! you are posting again!
it was so fun yesterday-
this is great mail, you lucky duck!


jen said...

hey krissy! thanks for stopping by my blog, i just got a chance to check yours out.

are those pendants in the photo? i have to buy that pink one with the green ball of yarn. how does one go about doing that?

that is so awesome that those are your mixed tape earrings in this issue of bust. i remember noticing those and thinking they were super cute.

oh, and i am totally with you on the sensible shoes thing. i think it's crazy that people wear uncomfortable shoes. it's not like there aren't enough cute comfortable shoes in the world. i really like earth shoes myself.

Roxana M. Asami said...

wish I could do a mix tape switcharoo - I do have a little cassette player for when running with music in the late 80's was what it was all about but I never use it --- :/ apple should make some cool modern looking tape players [limited edition or somethin] :)

Carla said...

aw, mix tapes, still love 'em.

I thought of you last night, I was at Over the Top indie rock fest and Stuart McLean was there in the audience. haha. I remember us laughing about the Vinyl Cafe once. Owen from Final Fantasy works at CBC so I guess that's why Stuart was there.

Stinkerbelle Rock said...

FUN!!! I need to get involved in some of these swaps. I'm always so worried that I'll let my swap partner down :(