Saturday, January 21, 2006

sensible boots

after years of grumbling through nasty winters without real boots, i finally found a pair i love. scored these vegetarian kicks at "winners" for $29! and they are soooo warm!


Juliee said...

Just ran across your blog tonight, Was wondering if you'd share how you made the knit purse that has the round wooden handles?
I'd love to make one. Also , I just realized that the post I am going to refer to is from last july but here goes anyway..... The photoshop layout you did.
I am currently using photoshop cs2 which is the latest version. Since I don't have a blog (yet) here is at least a little bit about me, mostly I wanted to show you the "get eggnog" photo, our clothes were origially all brown, it was taken at Thanksgiving,my son had no eye balls,he was squinting,and yes, i added eye makeup to myself and took out a few wrinkles, (you mentioned taking out the dark circles under your eyes ) here's the link cause I know this sounds really silly until you see it .
Just thought I'd share,

click view then click on whatever photo you want to see,
soooo, anyway, if you ever need any help with photoshop please feel free to ask, I am self taught,still have so much to learn but it has taken me years, and I wish I had someone to help me out quite a few times.
Great blog by the way !

vania said...

what a score on those boots - warm and vegetarian!

tania said...

score! love them-