Thursday, January 12, 2006

owls are the new deer

lately i've been seeing owls everywhere. (well, not in real life but in lots of little crafty shops online.) these are some of my favourites.

marigold tree
owl pincushion

at plain mabel

at chocosho

at chocosho
owl pillow


i've caught "owl fever" too. one of the new designs i did for the craft show in december was an owl necklace. (i kept a green one for myself!). and one lucky day during my holidays, i found two owl brooches while thrifting in the 'burbs.

thrifted brooches (one wood, one gold-tone) and 2 of my owl necklace designs
my owls


Karin said...

Wow those are pretty awesome. I like how retro they look. I admit, I look to you for fashion hints/tips!

tania said...

oh! i love allt he owl stuff.
and score on those groovy brooches!

Stinkerbelle Rock said...

Tooooooo cute!! I wish there were a skunk fever epidemic. Well.... maybe not. I'd be broke :(

Beth said...

that pin cushion is adorable!

michelleknits said...

If you know of mypapercrane, she made an owl bag (with matching purse) a while back (2 years ago??? not sure), and I was lucky enough to score one while she was still making them. I love owls! I should show it off on my blog some day cause it's really cool!