Saturday, July 29, 2006

last day in new york

sadly, saturday was our last day in new york. although we got a bit of a late start (see the drunken picture in the last post), we still made the most of the day.

we started with a lovely lunch in bryant park. i had the yummiest sandwich: chopped chickpeas, kalamata olives, fresh parsley, and preserved lemon on thick slices of bread. delish!

i have to share some photos we took of bryant park and maybe you'll get a little idea of why we fell in love with this place. i swear it was like an enchanted forest in the middle of the city!!




after lunch we walked over to the biggest public library i've ever seen in my life. it's actually located right behind bryant park. we got sidetracked on our way there when we saw some amazing breakdancers performing on the sidewalk. they were so much fun!!
look closely, one of them is actually flipping over the 3 that are bent over.

then on to the library. if you have been reading my blog for awhile you might know about my love affair with libraries. hence, my reaction when i saw this one:
inside was even more beautiful!



from there, we walked over to h&m. my cousin, michele lives in l.a. and for some strange reason they still don't have this store out there. so while she shopped, i headed over to kinokuniya, a japanese bookstore i found after stopping a man on the street who was carrying a bag from there. i was absolutely overwhelmed with the crafty books and i almost had a bit of a melt-down, unable to decide on which one to get. i finally chose a fashion book that i think will be great inspiration and eye-candy. here i am after the victorious purchase!

now you may recall me saying our only mission for new york city was to eat our way through it. so of course for our last night there, we wanted to do up dinner in style. we subwayed it over to greenwich village with the intention to eat at vegetarian paradise. (it was closed due to a gas leak so we went a few doors down to red bamboo). little did we know we would be waiting for 2 hours to get a table there!!! while we were in the neighbourhood we.....

spotted a cute dog outside the grey dog cafe

drooled over baked goods

snapped a quick picture in front of sarah jessica's house

finally got a table at red bamboo and had a fake meat extravaganza! best of all were the cajun "shrimp".

just like every other night, we walked around the city for hours taking everything in. i had a happy/sad moment when i finally found magnolia bakery (made famous in "sex and the city"). happy because i had no idea where it was and couldn't believe my luck for stumbling on it. sad because even though it was midnight there were at least 40 people lined up around the corner to get in. (i didn't have the patience to wait in line....)

after we got back to the hotel, we all collapsed into our beds. 4 days of walking about 10 hours a day finally caught up with us.

the next morning, we took a taxi to the airport and blew a kiss to manhattan as we crossed the bridge. :(

words cannot describe how incredible this vacation was. i think it had special significance for me because i'm not much of a traveller. to actually get my butt on a plane (huge step!!!) and be able to explore the city with my cousin, her husband and paul was wonderful! so many great moments and "forever memories".

new york, you haven't seen the last of me! :)


Karin said...

Your pics are so great! I hope someday you'll come and visit Chicago too!

Karina said...

oh man, have I got a lot ot catch up on...NYC and everything! I'm coming back later with a bowl of popcorn and a cool drink to have slow look!

Karina said...

Later...popcorn eaten, drink still on the go...
Krissy it looks like you and Paul had such a wonderful time! For not much of traveller, you sure took a Big Bite of Adventure. So nice to walk and walk and walk and watch and look and browse. And EAT!! all that yummy food! I can't believe all the great veggie places you found. Wow! It looks like you had a terrific holiday! Look forward to that last NYC post! And here's to another month of Summer! Ya!

vania said...

i love that you found SJP's house and Magnolia - but that line up is too much! I too had an amazing first visit to NYC and plan to go back...and back...and back!First up, Vancouver in August!

jen said...

looks like a great trip, i always have an amazing time when i visit NYC.

you know what is sad? i walked passed bryant park every day on my way to work for two years and never went inside the library. that's what a robot that job made me into. the outside of it is definitely beautiful though, and as you saw there is always something interesting going on outside it.

did you going inside grand central station at all? that's really beautiful inside too.

tania said...

its sounds all so great!
especially the japanese bookstore and library-
my trip to NYC was not even 1/8th as fun and I am not sure why- you found all the good stuff!