Wednesday, July 26, 2006


on to our friday in new york...

well, we began by having breakfast in the most beautiful park (and probably my most favourite place we visited), bryant park. we were so lucky that it was only a 2 minute walk from our hotel. i'll have to do a post just about this place. we took so many photos.
there are little kiosks in the park where you can buy food. i had the most delicious oatmeal with cinnamon butter, almonds, and dried fruit.
after breakky, we set off to explore the city with only one plan: to visit the m.o.m.a.

on the way there we saw.....

wonderful photography exhibits by atta kim and weegee

street vendors

rockerfeller centre

the nbc building (what a gem...amazing art deco interior!)

water fountains that looked like dandilions

the famous "love" sculpture

and some pretty cool window displays

we arrived at the m.o.m.a. and realized there was more than we could possibly see in a couple of hours. to ensure everyone saw what they wanted, michele and deutsch went their way and paul and i went ours. we saw some incredible art!

after a little rest in central park, we headed out to brooklyn to eat dinner at foodswings. the legend of faux buffalo wings was all the incentive we needed. and let me tell you, they did not disappoint!!
just looking at that picture, i can almost taste them again.

after dinner we walked around williamsburg. michele and i were lured into the mini minimarket where we found great jewellery, clothing, cards, and bric a brac by indie businesses. so sad that we got there just as they were closing and only had a few quick minutes to browse around. (probably good news for my wallet....) while we were in the shop, paul and deutsch found a bar a few doors down and stopped in for a beer. michele and i met up with them afterwards and we all ended up staying there well into the a.m. i think this photo pretty much says it all, folks. hee hee

needless to say, we didn't get to bed until 3am and got a bit of a late start the next day.

stay tuned!


vania said...

i want faux wings! I love al this pictures, and i have a few knitted finger puppets myself that i use for work (art therapy stuff. But i did keep one for myself that i made into a pin!

jen said...

mmm, vegan wings.

i thought the original of that love sculpture was in philly? did they move it, or is that a copy.

anyway, looks like a great trip! i love visiting ny. where was that dandelion fountain, i want to visit it the next time i'm there...

did you see michelle (michelleknits michelle) at all?

tania said...

oh so much fun!!!!!
i am jealous- it looks like a wonderful time- i love the shot of paul on the busy street and you enjoying the oatmeal in the park!

mishka said...

I'm glad you had such a good time! Now, I need to convince David that we *have* to go to NYC. (and I'm sad that michelleknits won't be there if we do go. boo.)

BTW, finger puppet:

Monkey Does Italia

krissy said...

hee, thanks everyone for the nice comments! i have one more nyc post left to write but i'm at my mom's place right now and not really spending much time by the computer. when i get back home i'll finish it up...a few more pictures of our last day still to post.

jen: yes, we did get to see michelle in ny but only for dinner at the dim sum restaurant. check out the previous day's entry and you'll see her in a group shot.

mishka: omg, i love your little finger puppet pictures! soooo funny! it reminds me of "amelie" with the garden gnome photos! i wish i had known you had that picture series...i would have borrowed monkey and taken his picture in ny for you!

Carla said...

oh what fun!

Megan said...

I can't believe I never made it to foodswings! oh well, it will be on the top of my list on my first visit back! your pictures are great - you guys saw so much!

Karina said...

So Stary Night is in NYC!!! I was looking all over for at the Van Gogh Museum on Amsterdam to no you have solved the mystery for me !