Saturday, March 01, 2008

wardrobe_remix 03-01-2008

black hat: handknit by me
black hoody: h&m
pashmina scarf: threads
sundress: thrifted
longsleeve tee: h&m
argyle tights: hand-me-downs from my mom
green socks: gift from my dad + stepmom
red legwarmers: i just cut the sleeves from a felted sweater
black rainboots: thrifted on friday!

what a nice start to march.
so far saturday has involved:
*yummy breakfast at home with the globe
*a pot of honeyed and soymilky tea
*catching up on some blogs
*a mocha latte and knitting at a coffee shop with paul
*browsing through the pretty wool at purple purl
*enjoying the art at parts gallery
*listening to the microphones (thanks again for reminding me about them, in yr fshn)

looking forward to spending the night at my studio desk. finally feeling a burst of energy to create!


Carla said...

Have fun in the studio! Nice outfit. I love the Purple Purl, too!

Caroline said...

I LOVE this outfit. :)