Saturday, May 17, 2008

my new favourite blog

i've been feeling a bit under-the-weather this week and i woke up today having completely lost my voice. catching up on this blog totally lifted my spirits though. it made me laugh out loud (well, not loud...more like a whisper i suppose) and at times i was crying from laughing so hard. maybe you'll like it too.

i especially loved the nordic catalog disaster

red bull: gives you nightmares

and by the time i was at that must be some distinctive nose i was crying from laughing so hard.

i so needed that today!


Kim's Suitcase said...

hi krissy,

hee hee i snorted in laughter at the baby...
hope you are feeling better, with voice and everything...also so interested to see how friday panned out. I do hope well.


Aimee "Roo" said...

sorry to hear you've been under the weather... hope your better soon!

you might like this to cheer you up a bit:\


In Yr Fshn/ Young and In Love said...

Hope you are feeling all the way better! I also love that site... my bf and i spend waaay too long staring at that stuff.

Goiuri said...

Thanks for this link!! So fun!!

mishka said...

I've been obsessed with that blog ever since reading about it on the weekend. I'm always looking for Photoshop mishaps in magazines and on posters. Thanks, for pointing me to this :)

Shop Girl* said...

Thanks for linking to that blog... it's hilarious!!

Carla said...

I love the daisy rainboots, even if they mocked them up all wrong. Don't they have editors?