Thursday, April 24, 2008

yummy dinner #2

tonight's dinner was from my most favourite of all my cookbooks, la dolce vegan by sarah kramer. i swear i use this book a minimum of 3 meals out of the 5 i cook during the week (paul's in charge of sat & sun dinners). this was my first attempt with this recipe and it was soooo yummy!

tonight i made butternut squash & lentil soup with ginger. we had it with fresh 9-grain rustic bread from brick bakery, drizzled with olive oil.
sadly, this photo does not do justice to the soup. it was such a flavourful and slightly spicy meal. the generous amount of fresh ginger really added a nice flavour.

rating: 10/10


Anonymous said...

Both meals look delicious. Keep it up and you'll be doing the cooking next weekend!!

Your Mom Loves You!

CheleBele said...

Looks great! Hey, want to come to Los Angeles to cook yummy dinners for us?

Val said...

I was contemplating picking up the book just yesterday (loved her first one) but put it back on the shelf for lack of pictures. But hearing that you use if multiple time a week and are happy with, I'm going to go pick it up now on my lunch hour today!

Awesome porcelain btw!

tania said...

i LOVE LOVE that you are blogging again!!!!
:) its so fun to tune in to find 3 new posts i have missed!
these dinners look AMAZING!

Carla said...

Yesterday was a good day for soup, there was a bit of a chill in the air.

btw: I made the no-bake cookies from La Dolce Vegan again this weekend. You got me into them!

In Yr Fshn/ Young and In Love said...

That looks so yummy! Also excited that you are back; I just checked your site on a whim and am so happy to find new stuff! said...

Mmmmm! Yummy!