Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy earth day!

hope everyone's enjoying this sunshiney earth day!

i thought it would be fun to show you some of the earth-friendly goodies i've been crushing on over at etsy.

poppy bobbypins made with recycled vintage fabric by foundling

sweater dress made from repurposed sweaters by devilmademedoit

broken plate ring by the broken plate

messenger bag made from a men's suit jacket by rumah kampung

jounals made from old highschool yearbook pictures by christine renee

dog collars made from recycled ties by annie's sweatshop (we just bought this one for noah a couple of months ago)

also made with a repurposed tie, this "necklace" by sam's shop

pretty vintage slip embellished by bayou salvage

handwoven brooch made from grocery bags by frucci design

and i could really use these reusable bags for our frequent trips to bulk barn (handmade by kootsac)

if only i could plant a money tree for earth day.....


Annie said...

Neat finds...I especially like the reusable bags for my trip to the bulk store too...but the only problem I have is that you have to leave them open so that the cashier can look inside and see what you are purchasing. Transparent bags is sometimes key to getting the job done efficiently.

Carla said...

Everything's so nice! Too bad my credit card is grounded.

vania said...

Thanks so much for the great list of eco-friendly treats. I especially love the poppy hair pins!

ellie said...

Those hair pins are so cute! And I love the idea of the koot sacs (though the name makes me giggle)