Monday, April 07, 2008

where i've been, what i've been doing...

since we last spoke, i've:
* baked banana loaf and brownies
* decided brown rice kicks white rice's ass
* added a bunch of stuff to my etsy shop
* tried to eat greens at least 3x a week
* completed term 2 report cards
* started visiting the amigurumi farm again
* and last friday, went to see margaret cho tape her interview for the hour!

carla got us tickets and it was soooo much fun! the funny thing is the studio was smaller than it looks on tv. george's interview with margaret cho was really funny! see for's going to be on tv tonight!

all of my pictures turned out blurry like this one.

thanks again for the fun afternoon, carla!


Carla said...

Huzzah, you've crossed a lot off your To Do List!

I had so much fun at Margaret Cho, too! You're the best.

Here's the interview:

And here's the 20 questions:

Kim's Suitcase said...

lucky you.
i luv margaret cho. she really does rock my world!
i missed the interview, because i was too sleepy. that's me in a nut shell.


Anonymous said...

I read about this in the paper today, have you ever heard of Basically everyone join a group near where they live, and if you have something you don't want (it can be anything from a bag of scrap construction paper to a bag of wallnut shells)to give away or request something odd that you need. Everything is free too.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of "freecycle" but have yet to sign up for it.
I have a bag of women's size 10 and size 12 clothes that i was intending to drop off at Goodwill but I'd rather pass it over to someone that could actually use it for their
creative purposes. Anyone interested? Should I sign up with freecycle and pass it over to someone there? Just wondering if it's worth it.


Carla said...

Hi JJ ... I don't know if I know you, but you could host a clothing swap party if you have a good bunch of clothes to let go of. It's more fun than Goodwill, but takes some planning.