Saturday, July 12, 2008

our date with david sedaris

on thursday night, carla and i went to see david sedaris at the indigo at bay and bloor. he was making an appearance there to promote his new book. carla and i got there at just the right time (an hour before it started) because we ended up with a pretty good spot where we could see him quite clearly. we're pretty sure the guy who introduced him said that there were 800 people there!
david sedaris is reading

he read a story from "when you are engulfed in flames" plus a bit from a new book he's working on. then he read a bunch of really funny entries from his diary. the last part was left for q & a, which i really enjoyed because he ended up telling a few stories to answer each question. so instead of a short 1-minute answer, i swear each answer ended up being almost 10 minutes long and thoroughly entertaining!

he's so naturally funny and witty, carla and i left feeling like we just really wanted to spend an evening at the movies, maybe dinner too, with david and his boyfriend hugh.

ps. if you want to hear a great interview with david sedaris from the same day, you can go here and right-click on the podcast for thursday, july 10th. his interview begins about 1/3 of the way through (after william h. macy).


Carla said...

Ya! That was fun! Good laughs. Tracy said she went again the next night and she got her books autographed after 4.5 hours, she's happy.

Nora said...


Is there an email I can reach you at with questions? You can contact me at


In Yr Fshn said...

Ah! You've been updating and I got to catch up all your great posts! Sedaris is so great live... I've seen him several times now and I imagine it is impossible to be disappointed...