Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the tastes of summer

last thursday i checked out a new farmers' market in the neighbourhood. it wasn't as good as my favourite one (which i sadly still haven't made it to yet) but it was still nicer than the grocery store aisle. check out all those pretty colours!


and tonight's dinner i'm dubbing "adventures in sushi". i guess that makes it sound like it was a little dodgey but it actually all turned out really well. i've made maki rolls before but this was my first time making inari sushi. it certainly won't be my last...so easy with those little pre-made wrappers! we stuffed ours with rice, avocado, and carrots. mmmm...so good!! here's a blurry picture...we were too hungry to take a perfect one...sorry! (for non-sushi eaters, that's wasabi in the dish in the middle of the plate. we mixed it in some temari sauce for dipping).


In Yr Fshn said...

That fruit looks so incredible!

Carla said...

Everything looks so good! I've never made inari, but I eat it all the time. You've inspired me to track some down at T&T! Thanks for a lovely, lovely day on Friday, Krissy. You're the best.

tania said...


barbara said...

hi krissy,
hope you and yours are safe and didn't have to be evacuated?!