Monday, June 05, 2006

(part 3)

the busy weekend that i've been telling you all about ended with a fantastic sunny sunday afternoon. i visited a few local buildings as part of doors open toronto, an annual event in which hundreds of local buildings open up their doors and let people tour them for free. it's one of my favourite toronto festivals. since i got a bit of a late start, i only had time to visit a few.

first stop: the fancy-shmancy new bmw building (click link for a better picture of it). since it's located in my neck of the woods and i've always wondered what it was like inside i figured it was a good opportunity to check it out. (especially since if i ever tried to walk inside any other time of the year, i'd likely be treated like julia roberts in "pretty woman" pre-makeover.)

i'm not really into the cars and since this is mainly a fancy showroom, i didn't take many pictures. but it was a lovely building with glass everywhere. including a completely glass elevator that made my stomach lurch when i took it up to the 5th floor.


cute vintage "beemer"

then a few blocks west to the national school of ballet. and a big lineup to get in! (but it was so worth it)
my bad ballet form...but look at the cool reclaimed wood flooring
my bad form

and then a quick walk north to tour 2 historic mansions (now both inns):
mansion kitchen
cute coach-house behind the mansions:

just one short year until next doors open! :)

ps: (sorry for the picture-heavy post!)


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Picture heavy posts are fun! I had to work that weekend but I hope to attend next year.

Aimee "Roo" said...

i love it! i especially love the old beemer... it's so cute. i want one! :) those old mansions are so amazing, wouldn't it be fun to live there.

jen said...

i like pictures too! and cool buildings.

michelleknits said...

oh that architectural tour sounds so fun!

and i love that skirt you're wearing when you were showing your ballet!

Harmonia said...

Awesome pics! I am so glad you posted them! :)

jae said...

krissy - sorry i'm just too lazy to go into haloscan to get your e-mail address...
try fortune housewares on the west side of spadina, btw dundas and college for the typhoon carbon steel woks. that's not where i got mine, but i think they're cheaper there.
oh and if you're not buying organic, you'd better quit eating berries, spinach, and any animal products - the health effects of those foods conventionally/'non-organic' could prove quite costly in the long run. (how's that for a bit of unsolicited advise?)

tania said...

yay for toronto!