Monday, June 26, 2006


did you think i had been buried under the stack of marking and report cards? not to worry...after i finally finished i felt kinda burned out. sorry for being so quiet over the last couple weeks.


on saturday we celebrated my nephew aaron's first birthday!

here he is enjoying the bubbles his uncle steven blew for him.

we had such a great was warm and sunny. everyone just sat outside in the lush backyard and chatted the day away. so relaxing.

my brother-in-law, brian (aaron's dad) is a rabid collector. he has a way of finding the most amazing gems in thrift stores, yard sales, you name it. one of his latest lovely finds was a "lot" of 5 vintage eyeglass frames for $7 at a neighbourhood yard sale. he knew his growing collection would make me salivate so he brought them out to show me.

then the ladies got a little goofy trying them all on and posing for the camera:

lana (my step-sister)

mary (brian's mom)

when we got home from the party we found this little guy on the roof outside our window:

so cute. but so bad!


mishka said...

1. Yay! You're back!

2. Your nephew has the cutest smile.

3. Those glasses are great, and the ones you are wearing really suit you!

4. Raccoon!!

michelleknits said...

aw, i love being your flickr friend! it's like having tickets to the premiere!

Karin said...

Those glasses rock!

And that raccoon is super cute ;).

Megan said...

What fabulous glasses! And with the blouse you're wearing you've mastered the retro look!

Lollie Lane said...

Wow, those glasses are rockin'. I especially love the bottom ones (with the gold wingy things) And the raccoon is adorable but you're right..nothing but trouble. Glad you're back!

jen said...

glad you are back.

cool glasses!

tania said...

hee hee! so glad you survived marking- i LOVE the glasses.
i have a groovy pair of my grandmas.

Carla said...

hey you! I'm wearing some Ratgirl earrings and just got a great compliment on them at dinner.

vania said...

I love those glasses too! I bet you're happy that school's out for summer! My trip to PEI will be very short, but the drive itself is about 21 hours....i hope to be back Tuesday so that i can hang out with my vegan friends!

jen said...

so what fun plans do you have for summer now that school and report cards are done?

the knitrider said...

that is one cute filled post! i love the glasses!
i was wondering if you knew a diy place that made really sturdy handbags???
if you have any lead let me know!

Vegan Knitting said...

I'm also quite fond of the eyelash ones. But the ones you are wearing are the best for you of that lot.