Wednesday, August 15, 2007

fun days and just regular ol' days

yesterday was a fun day.

after lunch i picked up my new friend, kim, and we went to the farmers' market together. even though we got there a bit late there were still some yummy fruit & veggies to be bought and sampled. most importantly, there were yellow watermelons still left. ever since paul & i finished up the yellow watermelon from last week i've been dreaming of getting another. it is without a doubt, the sweetest & juiciest watermelon i've had since i was a kid.
(isn't it pretty?)

after the market kim & i went for tea at a neighbourhood cafe that i really like. i had no idea it even existed until she introduced me to it at the beginning of the summer. i had the yummiest iced tea that was some fancy exotic blend i can't even remember and then we just sat and chatted for hmmm...a couple of hours i think! kim is so sweet and funny and tells the best stories ever! it was so nice to just hang out and forget about the work waiting for me at home...

last night i was very excited to watch madonna's documentary i'm going to tell you a secret which was actually being shown on one of the 11 channels we get. i've been a huge madonna fan since i was in grade 7 and had posters and magazine pages of her plastered all over my bedroom walls. at the risk of dating myself, i was in grade 7 back in this era of madonna.

i haven't bought one of her albums since the early '90s but i'm still totally fascinated by her. the documentary was really entertaining but the parts where she tried to be deep & spiritual didn't seem quite right. i don't know how else to explain it. maybe a bit fake? (sorry, madonna!)

anyhow, after a pretty great day yesterday today was just a regular ol' day filled with lots and lots of errands. the best i can say about it is that i feel like i at least accomplished quite a bit.

i hate to say it but i'm actually hoping for rain tomorrow so i don't feel too guilty about working in the studio all day.

biggest excitement for tomorrow: picking up the 5 books waiting for me at the library.


WendyB said...

I prefer the old Madonna to the Kabbalah Madonna myself.

chelebele said...

hmm... never heard or seen yellow watermelon, until now. I must try one some day.

We are looking forward to the Tofu Festival this weekend. Wish you & Paul were here.

mushroommeadows said...

YUMMY. Those watermelons look delish! Oh..five books? Which ones?

The Sewing Bunny said...

mmm looks delicious! i've always wanted to try yellow watermelon.

and yay madge! that girl's got style.