Thursday, August 09, 2007


i can finally reveal my latest read since i just finished it about 5 minutes ago. it is 13 by mary-lou zeitoun. it was another fantastic story about a troubled young teen, in some ways similar to the main character in lullabies for little criminals but in some ways quite different as well.

i hadn't heard of this book or the author before reading it...just found it by perusing the fiction shelves at the library. i still don't know anything about the author and am looking forward to googling her after i post this. just like after i finished lullabies, i feel like i need to find out everything i can about her. i hope she has another book out but from the limited search i did last night i don't think she does.

i have 2 more possible reads from my browsing at the library on saturday. fingers crossed at least one of them is as addictive as these last 2 have been...

edit: thanks to chelebele for reminding me to tell you: this "13" is totally not the same story as the movie "13" which was also about a troubled teenager. the novel "13" actually takes place in ottawa and the main character is more "angst-y" than troubled, rebelling against her parents and catholic school upbringing.


CheleBele said...

Is this the same "13" as the movie "Thirteen" starring Holly Hunter & Evan Rachel Wood? It was about a troubled teen as well. I think the movie horrified every parent of teenagers out there.

krissy said...

oops, no---thanks for reminding me to clarify, chele. at first i was worried it might be the same story because i saw that movie a few years ago and found it pretty disturbing. totally different. this one takes place in ottawa and the main character is actually more "angsty" than troubled.

Carla said...

It's so great when a book draws you in so much and you just can't put it down. And yay for public libraries! There's a TPL service where you can ask to have books recommended based on what you already like. Is it called Answer Line? Also, you can look it up on Amazon and they'll show what other people who bought this book also bought, and sometime's there's a link to book lists that readers made, that listed that book. You probably know all that! Happy reading!