Thursday, August 09, 2007

fun times at 6:30am

once again i'm up with the sun. it feels good, actually. i seem to get so much accomplished these days unlike last summer when i got out of bed around 10:00am most days.

so going through my bloglines this morning i found a new post from the vintage society blog. she showed off a cute little fall outfit she put together using polyvore. this website is almost like playing dress-up!

here's what i put together this morning:

the docs may seem like an odd choice with all the fashion-forward choices on the website but i needed something to try and cover up the boots that came with the tights i chose. and besides, i sort of fell in love all over again with my old docs in the springtime. they're one of the few things i still have around from my leather-buying days. anyhow, i liked the bit of edge they gave to the dress.

anyhow, have fun playing around but be could become a little addictive!


The Sewing Bunny said...

ohhhh this website looks fun! thanks for the link!

jen said...

when i got rid of my leather shoes, i couldn't get rid of my docs for sentimental reasons. i was too embarrassed to wear them so they stayed in my closet for another 5 years before i could bear to part with them. it was the hardest time i've ever had parting with an item of clothing.

In Yr Fshn said...

I like the docs with it; they are a solid fall shoe. I was on the website for two hours and had to be pulled off... genius.