Saturday, March 19, 2005

march break: day 2

today i did the unthinkable. i got up at 8:30 on a saturday morning! i couldn't help was so sunny outside and the thought of the globe and mail sitting outside on the steps waiting to come inside and be read got me out of bed. there is nothing like starting off a saturday morning with blueberry pancakes, coffee, and the style section of the globe. woo hoo!

noah, our cute little doggy, got a big surprise when paul came home from running a bunch of errands. he brought home a new toy for noah. i think paul was feeling like a bad daddy because a couple of weekends ago we forgot noah's favourite toy (a plush duck that quacks when you squeeze his belly) at his dad's place. so today noah got the kitty cat version of the same toy. except this one MEWS when you squeeze his belly. noah loves it!
kitty toy for noah

i had a nice lazy day of knitting. i've wanted to make the shocking pink coif from knitty all winter but finally got the courage to try it today. it's probably the most difficult pattern i've every attempted but i think i've almost got the hang of how to increase (aka: "make one"). if i'm doing it right, it's pretty tricky! anyhow, ever since i bought the fruits book i've wanted something like this to keep my ears warm in the winter.
inspiration for trying to knit the coif from knitty
so i tried knitting it in a fuzzy blue yarn (patons divine) but it was a mess! i couldn't see my stitches and i made lots and lots of mistakes. i've ripped that out and started again on some charcoal grey acrylic. i think it's going much better.
beginning of the knitty coif
it doesn't look like i've done much but it's because i worked on the first one for hours! gah!

finally, here's a picture of the yummy tapas-type meal that paul and i had tonight. i didn't feel like cooking and this was quick and easy to whip up. we had pita and hummus, green & black olives, goat cheese, brie cheese, cucumber, carrots, and cherry tomatoes. i'm probably forgetting something but i'm sure you can figure it out from the picture.
tapas meal

time to get back to knitting! hope you're having a good weekend...


Karina said...

Hi Krissy!
Congratulations on starting your blog! This is going to FUN! I love sensible shoes too! My fav's are birkenstock London's. Hmmm, comfy.

krissy said...

karina! thanks for visiting my blog! you (and your friend tania) have inspired me to start this one up. paul said you might come to "one of a kind" but i will miss you if you go on thursday. :( oh well...have fun if you do go! ps. i will link to your blog as soon as i figure out how to set up links in the sidebar!