Friday, March 18, 2005

my latest obsession

for the past 2 weeks or so, all i've wanted to eat is blueberry pancakes! ever since my husband paul and i went out for brunch at "hello toast" a couple of weeks ago i've been trying to recreate the yumminess of that meal at home.

i decided i'd start my march break with a leisurely breakfast of....blueberry pancakes. and morning television.

frying up!
pancake before

ready for eating!
pancake after


That OLiVeR Guy said...

Blueberry pancakes = Yum, but that pic of a pancake in the making didn't exactly have me running out to get some- and definitely not run into the kitchen to make 'em :)

Mama C-ta said...

You don't know how hungry you just made me!

- Cara (fellow Glitter gal)

elizabeth said...

that is so funny!! since the mr. has been outta town (10 weeks, but now its over) i have wanted nothing but his pancakes. so when we drive back home tomorrow, i get breakfast in bed on sunday a.m. and its pancakes.

the thing about it is, i hardly ever eat pancakes.

great blog btw ;)

emma81399 on glitter

Mommy said...

Hey Krissy Girl

Can't wait for you to come visit this week so you can serve me blueberry pancakes in bed!!!!!!

Love you, Mom