Monday, March 21, 2005

on the weekend i....

* took a break from blueberry pancakes (well, on sunday only)

* spent a good long time working in the studio on an order

* listened to some great music: julie doiron, heart and crime, franz ferdinand live in concert, and sarah harmer live

* scored some great stuff on sale at loomis and toles including some crafty-themed stickers and some scrapbooking paper i'm going to use for a summer-themed collage
stickers and collage paper

* and ate waaaaayyyyy too many of these evil malted milk easter eggs!!
malted milk easter eggs

oh and i almost forgot...HAPPY SPRING!!!

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Dad said...

Krissy so this is a "blog"? Am I a "Blog-ee" or a "Blog-er"? I must say you do have a way with words and colorful descriptions. It must be in the genes!
Happy Easter!