Tuesday, March 29, 2005

the three f's

(the shocking pink coif from knitty.com, although my version is more of a demure grey...)
knitted coif

(two other amazing designers from the one of a kind show)
susan harris designs and sadie jewellery http://www.sadiejewels.com (which doesn't seem to be working at the moment)

and found!
(at loblaw's this afternoon)
vegetarian salami


Mom said...

Wow, your knitted head warmer/hat thingie looks so good. Way to go! I especially like the tassels...nice touch.
Love you, Mom
(knitting is more fun when you're here)

V said...

Cute headwarmer!

Thanks for your nice note :). Canada gives me hope.

Is it alright that I added you to my sidebar?

krissy said...

mom: i miss knitting with you too! let's get together again soon, ok?

v: wow, thanks so much for adding me to your links! i promise i will add you as soon as i have a minute to figure out how to do that. hopefully this weekend...