Tuesday, March 15, 2005

what sensible shoes mean to me

i am a sensible shoe wearing gal.

i know lots of people say they can't walk in heels, but they don't really mean it. i think that's their way of saying they find high heels awkward or uncomfortable or unnecessary. i think they are all of those things too. but i truly CAN'T walk in shoes with a heel that is raised more than 1.5 cm. over the last 3 decades, i've tried many times but my body rejects them.

a few months ago, in a daring mood, i tried on the cutest 80's-inspired kitten-heeled pumps. they were the shade of cherry popsicles and i so wanted them to like me. then i tried to walk. i took two steps and turned over on my ankle.

that was the last straw. i've come to accept that sensible shoes are my destiny.

here's a picture of my favourite mary janes. aren't they darling?!

sweet mary janes


amy said...

i'm with you! for awhile i stubbornly insisted on sporting sensible-but-ugly shoes...now i know better. shoes are the only wearable i spend good $ on...$100 on good shoes is well worth it.

welcome to blogging!

TIM said...

if you walk 100 km a week sensible shoes is a must!

Anonymous said...


glad to see a hip chick is singing the praises of comfy, sensible, CUTE shoes. they do exist... one just has to find them.

are you familar with the brand EARTH? they make shoes that fit the description above. i'm now the owner of 3 pairs! the most funky of the three are called Intrigue. here's a link to the shoe style:

i got mine this summer so they are white with beautiful colored flowers. the link above features more "fall themed" colors.

another best bet in terms of comfy shoes are DANSKO. as a sensible shoe wearer i bet you are already familiar with them:
cute or what?

you can also order from www.danskooutlet.com these aren't first quality shoes but they are offered at a great discount.

i absolutely love shopping at zappos.com. they have free shipping (usually overnite ups). if you don't like the shoe you can send it back (free shipping again!) for an exchange or a refund!

happy walking!
shine (from supernaturale.com)

ETA: blogger wouldn't let me post the message with the html tags around the links to the particular sites i was pointing you too. 'tis my first blogger comment; guess i'm not familar with the protocol?

Anonymous said...

Mary Janes? I love them to, ,and think they are the most sensible shoes around. They are so Classic and Cute.....like me.....ha ha ha

Take care and Thanks for the Great Picture.