Wednesday, October 10, 2007

a little p.s.a.

hey there,'s election day! get out there and vote!

and don't forget about the referendum... i know, the coverage of it has been sadly lacking. but it's a really critcial issue and if you're still in the dark, i strongly suggest you quickly read up on it before you head out to the polls.

of course, if you can't be bothered you can just take my word for it and vote in favour of this alternative (m.m.p) system. i think it has the potential for some really positive changes in how our provincial government works. (for example: parties will actually have to work together to get things done instead of the governing party having so much power---and in my book that could be a really good thing!)

that is all. :)

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Carla said...

Too bad about the MMP failing. Next time! Apparently $7 million was spent on "referendum education" but people still didn't know about it.

Did you do mock elections with the students again this year?