Wednesday, October 03, 2007

on the mend with a very picture-heavy post

i've been mostly absent from blogland this week because i've been home sick with the flu which annoyingly morphed into a chest infection. (cue parental concern and phonecalls to make sure i'm ok.) but i've got me some good monster-sized antibiotics to munch on and i'm officially on the mend. (so no need to panic, ok mom & dad?).

this is kind of old news now but i still want to share. paul & i were two of the thousands who attended nuit blanche last saturday eve. nuit blanche is an incredible (free!) event showcasing hundreds of installations of contemporary art around the downtown core of toronto. the most exciting part is that it is an all-night starts at 7:00 saturday night and lasts until 7:00 sunday morning! it has without a doubt become my most favourite event in this city. days before paul & i print out the maps of the 3 zones and meticulously plan out all of the installations that are "must-sees". then we look forward to walking around and being surprised by what other ones we stumble upon. here are some photos from last saturday:

a giant inflatable locust

this building appeared to be filling up with water! with giant lobsters and fish inhabiting inside!

the crafty gal in me fell in love with this building covered in pink quilted fabric, crocheted doilies and 3 massive buttons sewn on the top!

people are about to be horrified when they watch the person in the video scoop water from the canal and mix it into the martini.

the knit cafe was having a fun pom-pom making party and exchange.

this woman bravely agreed to have the contents of her home moved onto the sidewalk for public display. i was incredibly concerned someone was going to walk off with some of her knitting needles or real simple magazines.

re-creation of the last supper complete with audience participation, beans & bread, serene-looking sky digitally displayed behind the table, and an audio track of chirping birds!

slow-dancing with a teacher (random people were asked to "slow dance" with a teacher behind velvet ropes)

i even spotted jian ghomeshi dancing with a teacher!

oh my...a massive disaster in the middle of the university of toronto campus!

and a funny japanese video installation about falling in love.

whew...we saw a lot considering we were only out from 8:00pm until 2:00am. and the crazy thing is that we saw even more than what i've shown you...

needless to say, sunday was filled with naps!


Kim's Suitcase said...

wow what a fantastic night you had!
hope you get well soon!

In Yr Fshn said...

That sounds amazing! I am already planning a trip to Canada for it next year... it seems like a great mini-vacation for bf and I. Great post... I'd love one of those locusts in my apartment. The cats would go mad.

Carla said...

Nice! We saw some of the same things. It was pretty good though I think next year I'll have to plan my time - energy ratio better. Great photos, Krissy!

karina said...

oooh, thatnks for posting the pictures
I knew about NB, Jaosn even picted up an eye mag when he was in town for work last week,
it looks like a big art bonanza
I'll have to get my butt down there for next year, or better yet, bring some art too!