Wednesday, October 31, 2007

wardrobe remix (halloween style)

can you guess what i dressed up as today??

(click the photos for a bigger pic)

plaid top: thrifted
belt: gap (bought 17 years ago!)
jeans: h&m
socks: le chateau
oxford shoes: thrifted

hair clips: dollarama
calculator watch: the bay
glasses (with added tape in the middle): the bay
pocket protector: a couple of pieces of sticky notes worked like a charm!
in pocket: pen, pencil, solar calculator



Anonymous said...

My Guess is.....Pee Wee Herman????
Did I win? Did I win?


krissy said...

ha ha, dad!

close...just a garden-variety nerd.

WendyB said...

I thought your picture was so cute, then I was distracted by the cuteness of your dad's post. My mom is all like "how does this log thing work?" Hope you had a fun night.

ellie said...

Friggin adorable!

Emma said...

I was thinking "Pat" from SNL...the androgynous character from the early 90s...LOL

mishka said...

oh my god, you're too awesome.

jen said...

i thought you were dressed as me. and apparently you were. you look a lot cuter as a nerd than us actual nerds do.

The Clothes Horse said...

simply delightful

In Yr Fshn said...

It's too late to guess, but I will say that you make an adorable nerd!

tania said...

oh my god the cuteness-
are you a - dare I say it- a NERD??
do kids still use that word?

Carla said...

You're a good sport to dress up for Halloween to work!