Monday, February 20, 2006

the longest winter

the julie doiron show on thursday was an absolute blast! i'm usually such a home-body, especially during the week but on thursday i didn't get home from the show until 1:30 am! needless to say i was way exhausted on friday and fell asleep immediately after work for several hours.

anyhow, back to the show... julie was just as charming and lovely as ever. she's let her hair grow really long again...almost to the length it was in her eric's trip days. she was in a great mood....talking a whole lot and saying funny and silly stuff, stream of consciousness, really. i think every person in the jam-packed basement of the drake was in love with her. she was selling some new screenprinted shirts...something she rarely ever does. i scored a pink one with red ink. so cheap...$15! makes me think she must be printing them herself.

she played lots of old stuff, took requests because she says she never plays with a set-list. people started shouting out a bunch of her songs and some guy even yelled "freebird" (does that joke ever get old?). she thought that was pretty amusing. for me, the absolute highlight of the night was when she played a cover of "shady lane" by pavement!! yes, julie played pavement! it was nothing short of brilliant.

this kind gent over at flickr said i could post one of his photos from the drake show but i couldn't get it to work for me. he has a lovely set of pics that you can see over here.

ps. if none of this means anything to you because you have no idea who this julie character is, you must must must do yourself a favour and take a listen.


tania said...

i was wondering if you were going to that show!
glad you had such fun.
we must have a proper dim sum meeting again VERY soon!

michelleknits said...

Her voice is sweet/sad. I just listenend to "Will you still love me in December" (and I'll listen to the other ones later). I don't know that Pavement song, but funny, I just listened to Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain for the first time in the longest just a couple days ago.

Hmm, I'm going to find someone to have a proper dim sum meeting with, too -- I love me some dim sum! Lucky girls!

janet said...

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vania said...

can i come to the dim sum meeting? i'm glad JD was fantastic - you make me regret not going!

mishka said...

I'm going to give her solo stuff a listen - I was a huge Eric's Trip fan (which is also one of my fav Sonic Youth songs...) and I always loved Julie. I remember there being something scandalous about her leaving whats-his-name in the band for some other whats-his-name... I always thought she was portrayed badly during that incident.

NotMiranda said...

Sounds like fun. A good concert is one of my favorite ways to spend a night.

leigh said...

hey! i just googled for images of julie and found your blog and a photo you took at an instore last june. anyways, hello! :)