Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Y i felt like i was coming down with another cold so last night i put 6 whole cloves of garlic in the pot of homemade soup i made. i remembered that my granny used to eat the whole garlic cloves she cooked with her cabbage rolls. she said it kept her healthy. i ate 3 whole cloves of garlic (it's yummy when it's cooked 'til soft) and i feel all better today! can't argue with a woman who lived well into her 90's!

Y this afternoon i subscribed to hello indie magazine (thanks to toronto craft alert for the heads-up)

Y report cards are done for another term! (one more term until summer vacation!!)

Y it is 5:56pm and it's still light outside....spring is around the corner

Y have you ever seen such a beautiful tattoo? (too bad i'm such a scaredy cat)


tania said...

:D so great to hear from you!
ooh i am with you on the garlic! it works like magic!

i love those wiggly looking hearts- so cute!
and thanks for all your great comments too!

michelleknits said...
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Chelebele said...

Yes, Granny was a wise woman. Glad you are feeling better today. The real question is....How do you smell today? A tad bit garlicky perhaps? ;)

krissy said...

chelebele: heh heh---haven't seen a vampire 'round here ALL DAY!!

michelleknits said...

Thanks for the hello indie alert AND the garlic reminder (I'm feeling a little tickle, nothing big yet, but I really should get on that). Have you ever seen the movie Garlic is As Good as Ten Mothers? It's rad!

Karin said...

Garlic--good idea!

Carla said...

The weather has been splendid and springy! I'm sick too, but garlic won't help, gah.