Wednesday, February 15, 2006

v-tine booty

here are some of the things that found their way into our home for valentine's day:

  • my most favourite chocolates in the world, from js bonbons (handmade in toronto)---from paul
  • the coolest v-tines card ever, a linocut print of a mixed tape that says "be mine" (didn't realize until i brought it home that it was handmade by a friend of paul's, katie muth. we're going to frame the print & hang it in our studio)
  • 2 tickets to the julie doiron show for tomorrow night at the drake (eek! i'm so excited...julie is my very favourite singer/songwriter in the whole world. i've been obsessed since her eric's trip days.)

not pictured:

hope you had a lovely valentine's day, too!


michelleknits said...

so sweet -- love that card! oh, mix tapes!

Karin said...

Wow that card is so you I love it!! I hope you enjoy the concert. That's a neat gift.

Carla said...

Hey! I have a calendar by Katie Muth and that mix tape with hearts is the pic for February!

Carla said...

and also: have fun tonight!

vania said...

Krissy, i hope you liked Julie. I was going to go, but literally changed my mind at the last minute - the weather, yuck! Was it good? i love the Drake! Btw, do you have power? We've been out since last night! that's twice in one week!

Sharp Lily said...

The chocolates look delish. I'm going to get me some chocolate right now...

Anonymous said...

hi. i found you on the internets. i hope that is ok. i was wondering what store (i assume in toronto) you got that?

it seems perfect to send to someone i like. it might make all the difference.

thankyou kindly.


krissy said...

hi anonymous, do you mean the cassette card? i got it at "red pegasus" on college. i think it was meant to be a valentine's day card...although it doesn't have the word "valentine" on it anywhere, but i found it with all of the other v-tine cards. i hope they still have more in stock. maybe ask if you can't find one...or follow my link to katie muth's website and email her about getting one. good luck, i hope it helps!!! :)