Monday, February 06, 2006


last week both vania and jen tagged me for the "four things" meme. without further ado, here are my answers!

4 Jobs You've Had In Your Life
1) summer of gr. 12: cleaning boat launch areas (travelling to different lakes + use of gov't vehicle + 8 hr day to do a 30min job + working with friends = best job ever!)
2) retail hell at a shoe store
3) elementary school teacher (now)
4) designing / making / selling jewellery goodies (now)

4 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
1) amelie (*swoon*)
2) lost in translation
3) the breakfast club
4) desperately seeking susan

4 TV Shows You Love to Watch
(keep in mind that i don't have cable so my choices are a bit limited)
1) grey's anatomy
2) the office
3) sex and the city
4) top model

4 Favorite Books
(i wish i read more)
1) charlotte's web
2) so many knitting & craft books! (stitch & bitch, loop-d-loop, teen knitting club / second time cool, starving artist's way)
3) catcher in the rye
4) high fidelity

4 Albums You Can't Hear Too Often
1) anything by julie doiron (but right now "goodnight nobody" in particular)
2) death cab for cutie - transatlanticism
3) christiana - fatigue kills
4) john coltrane (sorry, i don't know the name of the album)

4 Places You Have Lived
1) kirkland lake, on (my hometown)
2) guelph, on
3) mount forest, on (where i got my 1st teaching job: population 2000 ack!)
4) toronto, on

4 Places You Have Been On Vacation
1) hawaii
2) dominican republic
3) montreal
4) nova scotia

4 Websites You Visit Daily

1) blogs of friends (real-life + online)
2) bits & bobbins
3) torontoist
4) flickr

4 Of Your Favorite Foods
1) anything from my favourite veggie restaurant, simon's wok (esp. ginger fried rice and mock duck)
2) chocolate
3) my mom's home-made lebanese food
4) creme brulee

4 Places You Would Rather be Right Now
1) at the cottage we've rented for the last couple of years
2) anywhere with family
3) somewhere warm
4) taking a nap

4 People You'll Tag
i'm only going to tag my cousin, michele. if anyone else wants to give it a go, make sure you tell me so i can check out your answers! :)


the knitrider said...

mm lebanese food. there is this restaurant here called taste of lebanon and i swear i could eat it for every meal...
let me know if you do try those armwarmers, cuz there may be some tricky sizing issues.

jen said...

oops i didn't know vania tagged you too. you are so popular, everyone wants to be your friend!

tania said...

:D love to hear all the info! i got tagged too, i better hop to it!

michelleknits said...

ooooh, I loove desperately seeking susan and charlotte's web!! thanks for the memories! actually, i just found my picture of madonna while going through my things yesterday. it was a little later, though, 1987 or so, and I was waiting outside of her show, Speed the Plow. she had black hair at the time. i thought i had lost it!

Claire Louise Milne said...

Is it just me or do you kind of look like Amelie? Cute! That movie is one of my top favourites too. Thanks for visiting needle book!

CheleBele said...

I loved reading your "tag" answers.
I guess I'm "it". I have busy days ahead, but look for my answers next week.

robin said...

i might give it a go. i love your answers. you're vedy vedy cute you know...