Friday, May 26, 2006


as much as i tried to pretend it wasn't, yesterday was indeed my birthday. i turned 35 (although i told everyone at work i was 70 and added, "see what a vegetarian diet can do for your skin?!").

paul gave in and let me celebrate in the most low-key way possible. he did manage to eventually convince me to at least go out to dinner. however, we got into the car and quickly realized our windshield had a massive crack across it. unfortunately, the stress of worrying about how much it would cost to replace sort of killed our appetite. we decided to abandon the idea of going out for a slightly pricier meal at pulp kitchen and got indian takeout at our local cheapie digs instead. it was still yummy though.

paul surprised me with carrot cake from the restaurant we had our wedding party at
b-day cake

he also got me some great presents (stars cd and a cookbook)
b-day loot

noah joined us at our quiet little party (and even let us put ribbons on his collar).

and the good news is that my insurance is going to cover most of the cost of the windshield.


now for the really exciting news: this afternoon when i got home from work, i was browsing through the latest NOW magazine (local free weekly) after i ate lunch. just like every other week, i opened it up to my favourite section first. as i was reading, something jumped out at me...i thought i was dreaming when i saw that my name was in the style section!!!
ratgirl in NOW



Karin said...

k first of all, all those pics of you that you post, you look fantastic. I would have guessed like, at most 30. I mean that as the highest of compliments. That veggie diet really is working!

Secondly, that mention of you in the paper--how exciting!!!

Glad you enjoyed your bday!

michelleknits said...

that's so excellent, krissy! you clipped it and put in on your frig, right?! and i'm with karin, i wouldn't have known you were turning 35. i knew you were over 30, cause i think you said something like "welcoome to the 30s!" or something like that, but otherwise, no. as i got closer to and in my 30s (even though i'm at the very beginning), i'm realizing that 30s looks a lot different than i thought -- cool and cute and stylin! you rock 35!

mishka said...

I figured you were definitely younger than me - you look younger than whatever 35 should look like, and have such a young attitude and spunky personality to match.

Happy belated, and I'm glad you got to spend your day as low-key as you wanted. Yay for Stars and Sarah Kramer! And Yay for Paul being such a sweetheart to give you cake from such a special place.

Hopefully we'll see you later in "The Beaches"!

mishka said...

OH! And how cool is the NOW mention? That's so great! I'm a-gonna hafta pick me up one today!

the knitrider said...

happy birthday! youre not old at all:)
sorry about the windshield

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

You're famous now!!! COngrats and Happy Birthday!!

Carla said...

Happy birthday to youuuuu! And yay for the mention in Now!

jen said...

happy birthday!! i'll be 35 in a couple of weeks.

congrats on the good press, how exciting.

jen said...

p.s. thanks for including a picture of noah!

vania said...

Wow, i haven't picked up this week's Now but now i wish i did. I have to check out that store! Congrats on the mention, you deserve it!

Also, happy birthday! I love Indian food and take-out is perfect fun for a treat! Where'd you get your wedding cake from? And yea the STARS!!!!

michelle said...

happy belated and congrats on the press, woo hoo!!

tania said...

oh what a great b-day surprise to see yourself in now!
happy late birthday!
you seriouly are so cute and full of bubbles that you seem eternally young! and my, 70?? i better become fully veggie!

by the way- thhat cute game!! i am addicted.

Lucky Charmz said...

Happy Birthday and cool on the magazine clipping!

I was wondering if you could help me plan a cool weekend to Toronto-tell me cool places to check out. We love thrift stores, cd record shops, shopping, any kind of ethnic food, you know any eclectic type places. Thanks!

carrie said...

happy happy birthday! what day was yours? mine was sunday, may 28. hurrah for geminis!

and thanks for the cutesy video game. i'm addicted ...

krissy said...

thank you soooo much everyone for the nice birthday wishes! you're all so sweet!

ps. oh yeah, and i'm sorry i got all of you addicted to that video game. i hope you don't hate me for leading you down the path of addictive behaviour.

Joyce B. said...

Happy Birthday. I just turned 35 myself. Found you through Yummi Sushi Pajamas.

Monica said...

Happy birthday!! I'm so happy you got into NOW magazine -- that's terrific!!!