Monday, May 08, 2006

happy birthday paulie!!

paul's birthday was on sunday, so our weekend was all about celebrating it! the fun started on saturday morning when we went over to our friends andrew and sabine's place for a "birthday brunch". nothing like good friends (and food) to make a milestone b-day a little less scary. they put on quite a spread! i've never eaten so much for breakfast in my life!


we had veggie sausages, herbed potatoes, scrambled eggs, fruit salad, fresh croissants, mixed greens salad, and fancy cheeses from the st. lawrence market).

after dinner, paul's dad and his partner joan came to our place for cake. i picked up a lemon cakelet from dufflet. it was so good...very lemony but not too sweet.

later i gave paul his gifts.

inside these packages were the postsecret book and a silkscreened tee by a local designer named yasmine louis. postsecret

the image on the shirt is from a photo she took of the 401 highway. the saying on it says "the 401 was still, we listened to the radio" (or something along those lines...i don't have it in front of me at the moment). especially meaningful since paul and i spent countless hours travelling the 401 to visit each other on weekends when we were dating...i was living in guelph and he was in toronto.
(sorry for the lack of photos of the birthday boy, but my honey was feeling a bit camera-shy yesterday...)

ps. paul's new band put up a page on myspace this weekend with a couple of their new songs. take a listen over here if you'd like! his bands older stuff (the songs i knew and loved before i even knew him are over here and here).


tania said...

oooh a great weekend! happy birthday Paul!

jen said...

happy birthday paul!

i know all about countless hours on the highway pursuing a weekend-only long distance romance. i did a lot of highway driving in my little geo metro convertible that barely went up to 55 miles per hour and practically blew off the road when a truck drove by.

i'll go check out the myspace page!

Megan said...

Happy Birthday to your sweetie! Big birthday breakfasts are the best! And it's funny you mentioned the Post Secret book. I saw it in a little shop in Brooklyn recently and I thought it would make a fantastic gift!

mishka said...

I hope Paul had a great birthday! I just checked out and her stuff is really cool. I bought a Stars concert shirt at their last show and the design looks strangely similar to her pieces... hmmm...

It was so good to see you again on Sunday. I expect an email will go out soon for the play date :D

LittleMissMeshell said...

Well...I did have a small break :P LOL, it's just too hard! :)

Those potatoes look freaking brilliant by the way, my gosh!

Meshell xx :)

michelleknits said...

wait, i KNOW i posted here! did you see it? cause of course i wished paul a happy birthday! that makes me sad, cause i wouldn't want you to think that i didn't write here. eek!

god, i'm so jealous that you and m are meeting up and that i can't come! yay for meeting and boo for missing!

oh, but i wrote back to talk about socks!! re: your question about socks falling down, i've only knit with cascade fixation and i think the elastic content in them helps them stay up. i think my regular socks fall down more than these do. the ribbed ones i did last month are especially good at staying up. and its nice to have a sock that fits around my heel -- cause i have a small foot, i usually have the heel of the sock somewhere around my ankle!

and i hope you try to make them cause they're especially satisfying, for reasons i can't quite put my finger on.

other patterns/yarns might be more/less satisfying -- i don't know. but all i want to do (for now) is knit socks with cascade fixation cause i like how 56 stitches around with this yarn fits my leg and foot (what both patterns called for) and i'm on a lookout for a similar (but different!) pattern for my next ones!

Carla said...

yummy! Happy Birthday, day!