Wednesday, May 17, 2006

spring storm

it started to thunder a bit just as i was about to take noah for a walk this afternoon. i figured i'd better stay put and wait it out. we got caught in the rain yesterday (without an umbrella) and i didn't want to get soaked again. good thing we stayed inside because a few minutes later the skies opened up and a massive hail storm pelleted our neighbourhood for a good 10 minutes or more. it stormed for such a long time that the hail actually started to accumulate on our deck and lawn! (i had a dreadful snowy february flashback looking out at the backyard!)

spring hail storm

here's a closeup of the pellets
hail closeup

poor noah was a bit freaked out by the noise (it was thundering a lot plus the hail hitting the roof was quite loud). i brought him up to the studio and bundled him up in his blankey to make him feel safe. i think he liked that.


the knitrider said...

hey! that same storm came through a few hours ago! it was pretty cool to see the pellets! if noah doesnt do well in storms, ive heard rubbing the dog with a dryer sheet and/or rubbing baby oil around the ears. supposedly the dogs get freaked out by static and these things reduce the freaking out. i havent tried it cuz slammer doesnt really care one way or another!

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Oh yeah! I JUST made it in the door before the skies opened up! I love Toronto in the Spring! LOL

michelleknits said...

so sweet, that mental image of you wrapping noah up in a blankie! wow, hail!

vania said...

i'm not sorry i missed the pellets, but my cat sure heard them. i came home to him still freaked out!

tania said...

hee! blankys are multi purpose! wow, we didnt have hail at all inour end! crazy weather-

jen said...

no picure of noah in the blanket? what kind of friend are you? you can't just get me hooked on noah pics, then taunt me with tales of his cuteness while withholding pictures of said cuteness! it's just cruel.