Friday, May 19, 2006

because you have a long weekend to get sucked in

ok, my latest obsession has even caught ME offguard.

the cutest video game ever with amigurumi characters!!

i'm so not the video-game-type...or at least i haven't been since about 1982 when i spent hours in front of the tv playing pacman, space invaders, and asteroids.

but these cutiepie amigurmi critters are what have me hooked, i think.

you need to try this!


michelleknits said...

ok, i didn't get how to play that! but those characters are adorable!

Deustch said...

You should have waited until the weekend started here on the west coast to post that one. I should be working but I'm playing instead!

So far my high score is 6015.

krissy said...

oops, i should have probably explained how to play. you have to line up 3 (or more) of the same characters. the characters can only move horizontally and vertically and can only move 1 square at a time. for example, if you have a line that shows a b a a , click on the 1st a and the b to have them switch spots. then you'll have 3 a's in a row.

hope that helps! (just start clicking randomly and you'll figure it out...that's how i did.)

deutsch: ack! at that rate, you're going to have my high score beat in an hour!

jen said...

so you just try to get as many to disappear, as quickly as you can?

this is like minesweeper, but cuter! my high score is like 2800 something.

Lollie Lane said...

So cute!
Hey, I added you to my links, hope that's ok!

mishka said...

it's like Bedazzled! Yay!

Marieke said...

Thanks so much for your comment. Love your blog. And its title too!

jen said...

7250! you've got me hooked!

ShanghaiCowgirl said...

Looky! It's YOU!!! I too get sucked in to 2D hypercute games, but I think yours beats mine in total cuteness:

I'm quite fond of the silly bee game.

Awesome to hear from you on my blog. I was just talking to Kim to you, and I couldn't remember your last name... we both knew who we were talking about when we hit upon Ratgirl!

Maybe I'll see you around town this weekend - craftyness galore!