Sunday, May 14, 2006

she's crafty

this afternoon i went down to the distillery district to catch a show called "she's crafty" at the arta gallery. i've had the postcard for this show sitting on my desk for weeks and today was the last day of the show...i figured i'd better stop procrastinating and get off my butt!


the show was an exhibition for the grad students of the sheridan college crafts and design program (hello? where was this diploma in craftiness when i was shopping around for a post-secondary education 15 years ago!!??). there were so many beautiful and colourful things to look at. it was obvious that these students had poured their heart and soul into what they had made. the attention to detail was incredible!

the woman at the gallery was really nice. i asked right away if i could take photos and (much to my surprise) she said it was no problem. i took a lot of pictures but here are some of my favourite things from the show.

dolls with handmade clothes

skirts with appliques

a life-size "softie" girl with a (fabric) cake for a dress

i think these cute dresses were inspired by pioneers
pioneer dresses

this woman's work blew my mind! her installation was inspired by couples ending their relationships. kinda sad, but her work was beautiful and looked like it took an incredibly long time to do. these are her individual fabric booklets that tell the story of each character included in her bigger book called "double dutch" (you can see the big pink book on the table to the left).
little booklets

this is a page from her bigger book. every page was made of fabric and the pictures were a combination of ink drawings and bits of fabric and ribbon. the story was interactive in that certain parts of the text were silkscreened on fabric and and you had to lift it to read the next part hidden under the flap...sort of like a "pop up book".
double dutch

this next one reminded me of vania because of her lovely {vintage} apron collection. these were beautiful handpainted linen aprons. my camera doesn't do them justice.

and a close-up of my favourite

and i have to show a few pictures of the distillery area because it's so old and pretty.


hope everyone had a good weekend!


vania said...

i wish i knew about this show before hand! It looked like fun! And you're right, i love the aprons that you shared! We do live in a great city! Go Sheridan College!

LittleMissMeshell said...

Wow! That is so cool that they let you take photos, thanks so much for sharing...I love the relationship books as well, imagine how much time and effort were put into those :)

I want an awesome crafty exhibition to go to!


Aimee "Roo" said...

love the skirts and the dresses. it sounds like so much fun!

michelleknits said...

gosh i _love_ those skirts and "pioneer" type dresses! that sounds like a great great show!

and that sounds like a great major, too!

jen said...

sounds like a great day. toronto looks so cool and fun.

mishka said...

I love the distillery so much; I wish I'd known about this show too. Looks like there was lots of great, creative work to enjoy.

That skull applique skirt is making me drool.