Wednesday, May 03, 2006

more new dishes

last night's dinner consisted of 2 more recipes from the garden of vegan.

1. "zoe and andy's sesame tofu" (pg. 122)-- soooo easy! 6 ingredients (one of which is the tofu) and let it marinate for 2 hrs in the fridge. this was fantastic!

2. "coconut curry vegetable bake" (pg. 124)-- also super easy! the bad news: i couldn't find any curry in the house. the good news: i substituted a tiny bit of cumin (because i like cumin in everything) and a healthy dose of ground ginger. man, it was so good that paul said that's the way we should make it from now on...forget about the curry. next time, this is going to be even awesome-er over rice.
coconut veggies + sesame tofu

(no new recipes tonight...paul's out at rock practice and i can't be bothered to go to all that trouble to cook for one.)

and a cute picture of noah sunning himself in the late afternoon sun in the studio.


tania said...

man that looks soooo yummy!
thanks for the tip on enbridge!

michelleknits said...

looks yummy -- i really haven't taken advantage of that cookbook. other than the chocolate pie recipe (which i've made a lot), i hardly ever use that cookbook. i should look into that.

plus. i agree re: cumin. i loooove it!!!

Aimee "Roo" said...

oh, Noah looks so poodlerific! we could sure learn a lot from how dogs enjoy life. :)

the recipes sound yum!

Karin said...

Oohh...I love curry. Looks yummy!

Harmonia said...

You have a wonderful place here! Can I link you and visit often? I'm at:

mishka said...

I third the cumin-love. It goes into everything, along with garlic. Those cookbooks are so much fun but, as Michelle, I haven't made much from them. But they're so much fun to read! Now that I actually see some of the results, I may try something soon.

How cute is your puppy?!

jen said...

cumin and ginger sound much better than curry. good thinking.

noah is TOO CUTE. we want more pictures of noah!!

carrie said...

that looks totally yummy. sounds like a good cookbook to invest in.

vania said...

i love the Garden of Vegan - and i haven't even tried the recipes you shared. i think i'll have to now!